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The neighborhood of Upper Noe Valley, Fairmont Heights Park, and Laidley St have several outdoor treasures including Harry Street, Upper Noe Rec Center & Playground, Fairmont Plaza, and Walter Haas Playground. Billy Goat Hill is our only natural area park aimed at preserving native SF plants and animals. Join us in giving Billy Goat Hill Park the attention it deserves! Sign up for notices and updates by joining our Google Group, Friends of Billy Goat Hill.
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Feb 11, 2015

SFRPD Notes on 12/10/14 Community Meeting

Attached is a link to the official SFRPD notes from the community meeting on the Upper Trail planned to link Walter Haas Park to Billy Goat Hill> This meeting was held on December 10th at the Upper Noe Rec Center. Lisa Wayne, Open Space Manager for SFRPD, added in an email accompanying these meeting notes. "As discussed at the meeting and explained in the attached notes, SFRPD will be pursuing the Trail Connection Alternative. Staff plans to meet with neighbors in the next few weeks to discuss buffers and other issues. It is anticipated that a Concept Plan for the Trail will be presented to the Recreation and Park Commission this spring. I will email details regarding that Commission meeting once it has been calendared."

The Noe Valley Voice February 2015 edition has a front page article about the trail as well for those interested.

1/31/15 Planting Day

It was a beautiful morning for planting. We focused once again on the lower park entrance planting 50 or so native plants. The pair of oak trees planted in this location in 2010 are getting big - the larger one was buzzing with birds - finches and hummingbirds. A redtail hawk circled above us and was chased away by a flock of crows. A small group of volunteer neighbors showed up to help plant including Chris Faust, Tao, Gloria and Dave, David and Josh. Thanks Volunteers!
This location has been planted three times now, each time less than 10% of the plants seem to survive. This area is hot and dry in the summer and dogs like to poop right here at the entrance. If we want this area to have native plants & flowers, we might need a little fence area similar to the entrance at the top of the hill. Anyway, here are some pictures of the day - thanks to neighbor Jane!

Jan 28, 2015

Billy Goat Hill Cleanup and Planting - This Saturday!

Our friends from Rec and Park will be joining us on the hill this Saturday, January 31st, from 10AM til Noon. We will be cleaning up and planting additional native plants. Great fun for the whole family. The Rec and Park folks will bring tools and gloves. See you on the hill.

Dec 15, 2014

Beacon Street Hill Trail Meeting

This Thursday, December 18th at 10am, the Rec and Park Commission will hear New Business/Agenda Setting on the "Beacon Street Hill Trail". Currently, this land is considered part of Walter Haas Park.
If Friends of Billy Goat Hill want to request the Commission to consider moving this land into the BGH natural area, this meeting might be a good time to start this conversation with the commission.
As is, Friends of Walter Haas will be responsible for coordinating volunteer and community efforts for this trail. The concern is the trail area may not be a priority given the dog park and playground demands.
I don't believe the trail land area has any significant native plants currently but it is a connective greenbelt and could be developed with native ferns, bushes and flowers suited to the more wooded environment.
The commission meeting is held in room 416 (fourth floor) of city hall. All public speakers are welcome to speak for up to two minutes.

Dec 11, 2014

Community Meeting supports a Trail Connection

Last evening, SFRPD sponsored a community meeting at the Noe Rec Center to discuss options for an upper BGH trail leading from Beacon Street to Walter Haas. There is currently a social trail connecting the parks.
Commissioner Gloria Bonilla was in attendance as was a representative from Supervisor Scott Wiener's office. Lisa Wayne, manager for SFRPD Natural Areas opened the nearly three hour meeting introducing Steve Cancian as the meeting facilitator. Steve's experience includes the recent successful coordination of community consensus for the Dolores Park renovation. Neighborhood representation totaled over 30 people with heavy representation from neighbors closely impacted. Robin Lee from Friends of Walter Haas Park & Playground was in attendance as was Chris Faust from Friends of Upper Noe Rec Center.
Of the 4 options available: 1) No Connection, 2) Trail Connection, 3) Steps Connection, 4) Full Park Development on the site, Steve stated that SFRPD supports eliminating option 1 and option 4. A full park development on this site is not respectful of the history of this land or the neighborhood relationship to the land. Option 1 - No Connection  - is not consistent to the mission of SFRPD to connect our open spaces and make them more accessible. Community members supported discussion of the pros and cons of option 1, 2 and 3. After must discussion, a consensus vote supported option 2 - a Trail Connection - with double the support of the other two options discussed. To summarize the support, a trail connection provides a more natural connection between the parks that is safer and easier for hikers, bikers and dogs to enjoy.
Community concerns remain including minimizing impact of a trail on the natural beauty, establishing effective buffers that protect adjacent neighbors from illegal or rowdy behavior, establishing a safe crosswalk across beacon street and maintenance improvement for gardeners and the trash cleanup. It will be critically important for neighbors interested in these concerns to testify at the Rec & Park Commissions Capital Subcommittee when this trail plan is reviewed. We will need to get a capital commitment for increased operational dollars to support improved maintenance of this expanded usable park space.
We'll be posting links to the official meeting minutes when they are released and when SFRPD announces next steps for input on concept and design. Separate efforts will be required to address the sidewalk and crosswalk concerns. Please provide your feedback on this summary and your thoughts on how to gather trail design input in advance of our next meeting.

Apr 24, 2013

Cleanup and Planting April 27th

Come help your neighbors and the friendly folks from the Rec and Park Department clean up and plant new native vegetation on Billy Goat Hill this Saturday, April 27th from 9 AM - Noon. Lisa will provide coffee and donuts. What could be better?

Cleanup and Planting April 27th

Come help your neighbors and the friendly folks from the Rec and Park Department clean up and plant new native vegetation on Billy Goat Hill this Saturday, April 27th from 9 AM - Noon. Lisa will provide coffee and donuts. What could be better?

Feb 24, 2012

Picture of Billy Goat Hill 1927, 1930, 1940

You can see evidence of Billy Goat Hill's former life as a quarry.

Same View 1930

This 1940 view shows the Gray Brothers Quarry at Left (Picture courtesy of the Greg Gaar Collection)