Jan 6, 2016

Planting / Clean Up Day - Jan 16th

Join the Rec and Park gardeners and your neighbors on Billy Goat Hill on Saturday, January 16th at 10AM. We will be doing our quarterly clean up and our Winter planting. More details to come soon.

Nov 1, 2015

Beautiful New Beacon Sidewalks

The new sidewalks are looking really beautiful!
Much thanks to SF Public Works staff who meet with neighbors, heard our concerns for the new railing design, and agreed to re-evaluate the need for these.  We are happy to hear that most of the proposed new railings will not be necessary afterall.
Take a walk and check out the progress for yourself! Let us know if you have any concerns - so far we are hearing nothing but two big THUMBS UP from the neighbors!

Oct 6, 2015

Double Guard Rail will be installed along the street

We haven't been given detailed plans for the sidewalk construction along Beacon Street that is beginning this week so I am passing along information as I receive it. This was conveyed to us by Betsy Eddy:
"DPW is required to install a pedestrian guard rail in addition to the metal guard rail that already exists bordering Billy Goal Hill. Ed Lee, DPW Project Manager for the sidewalk work for Diamond Heights called to say that he would like residents to know about the two guardrails so that it would not be a surprise. Ed said the guardrail adjacent to Billy Goat Hill is an ADA requirement. DPW plans to install two metal guardrails. To try to be clearer, there will be a metal guardrail next to the street, then the sidewalk, and then another metal guardrail."
It doesn't sound very attractive, but apparently it is a safety requirement. Here is a visual of the proposed guardrails

Sep 28, 2015

Sidewalk Work to Begin

Sidewalk work on Beacon Street is expected to begin within 10 days.
Scope of Work on Beacon Street:
North Side of Beacon Street – Diamond to Harry

  • Installation of concrete sidewalk 
  • Installation of reinforced concrete sidewalk 
  • Reconstruction of 6” wide concrete curb 
  • Installation of pedestrian guardrail 
  • Installation of vehicular guardrail 
  • Removal of vegetation 
  • Removal of shrub adjacent to 470 Beacon Street
South Side of Beacon Street – Diamond to Harry

  • Installation of 6’ wide concrete sidewalk 
  • Installation of wooden lagging wall
Impacts and Restrictions: 
Some street parking may be unavailable during the different phases of construction. Access to private or commercial buildings will be maintained at all times however delays are possible.
“No Parking / Tow Away” signs will be posted 72 hours in advance with project work hours and parking restrictions.
Please observe parking and traffic signage and allow extra travel time in case of traffic delays during construction.

Contact for more information:
SF Public Works: Grace L. Moore Phone: 415-554-8343 Email: grace.moore@sfdpw.org

Sep 10, 2015

Update on Beacon St - Walter Haas Trail

Neighbors have also been asking about updates on the trail project - here is a brief update from SFRPD as of yesterday:
"The hazardous trees identified by the arborist have been posted for removal. The trees are scheduled to be removed in fall 2015. 
SFRPD staff also will be soliciting bids from contractors for the trail renovation work in fall 2015."
A few concerned neighbors (Emile, Buck and I) submitted written concerns regarding the proposed trail design to SDRPD and we received a thorough written and carefully considered response from Lisa Wayne on July 16th, 2015.
In summary, the assessment is they do not see much opportunity to reduce the number of box steps and the entrance for the trail will remain as originally proposed. There is some opportunity to use more of the western slope to extend the trail into the woods to improve the hiker experience and perhaps to move the upper turn closer to the existing social trail.

I am happy to share the full response with anyone interested - just send me note of your interest.